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Merry Christmas & Happy New Year '21

Dear Friends and Clients, I have been so glad to keep in touch with each of you online on H2H-Wix or through Watsapp. Thankfully, during year of lockdowns and major lifestyle changes, some of us have had the chance to make good use of the bonus time! I for one have completed Two Advanced Course Specializations in CARDIOLOGY and ONCOLOGY, and have been studying hard the last few months (keeping my children company).

We now need to see the results with more and more of you experiencing the healing as well as preventive benefit of homeopathic medicines and tinctures in Cardiac Conditions. In people with Cancer, one could expect definite improvement in quality of life and symptoms, and even cure in early stage cancers. Please do refer your family and friends if they would like to avail of homeopathic treatment for Cadiac Problems and Cancer. Email me for specific treatment expectations depending on each person's diagnoses.

Meanwhile I wish for each one of you the Blessings of Joy and Peace of the Christ Child through the Christmas Season, with good health and happiness in a Pandemic Free New Year!

The pic below is my Nativity Crib set up by my kids for X'mas 2020!

Best Wishes,

Dr. Leela

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