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The SEPIA Male!

For homeopaths, Sepia has always been projected as a female remedy. One tends to develop prejudices. So, when a Male patient turns up who requires Sepia, our first response is – Nah, can’t be… what’s the next remedy choice?

And so it happened with Mr. A. 85 years. I gave him Lycopodium instead, when from the first case analysis itself, Sepia was staring at me in the face!

Complaints were: Pain in both shoulders with difficulty raising the arms. Lower backache with sciatica type of pain running down the right lower limb, associated with numbness in the right leg and foot.

When I asked for mental symptoms, he told me easy anger or irritability with co workers, especially when he was employed … but since his retirement, he helps his wife with the house work and his wife, of course couldn’t be happier!

He was the eldest son of 5 children, and from childhood, took a keen interest in house work – they lived in a rural part of Mangalore. He used to be very active, helping his mother in the house work in Mangalore – “I used to draw water from the wells, watering of coconut trees, planting banana trees. It is a natural thing - helping in the house, helping my mother - even when I was small - it was an aptitude I had. After coming home from school, my mother would be resting - so I would make something for my brothers and sisters to eat before she could get up.”

Once he retired, he says, “I help my wife with everything. I go to the bazaar, wash the clothes. I help with cutting vegetables, washing the dishes. I like doing this and see that everything is well washed - I will use the steel wool to polish the dishes if needed.”

The RE-ANALYSIS with Rubrics for physical symptoms showed AGAIN BOTH Lycopodium and Sepia. The response to Lycopodium was partial about 40% better after 6 months. Hence, now I had to take a good look at SEPIA, beyond my personal prejudice!

extremities; PAIN; hips; extending to; downward (99)

extremities; PAIN; hips; extending to; feet (15)

extremities; PAIN; hips; right (136)

extremities; NUMBNESS, insensibility; lower limbs; right (54)

extremities; NUMBNESS, insensibility; feet; right (23)

extremities; PAIN; sleep; during (12)

sleep; WAKING; pain, from (154)

back; PAIN; cervical region; extending; downward (62)

back; PAIN; aching; cervical region (93)

back; PAIN; aching; right (23)

sleep; DISTURBED; pain, from (75)

extremities; UPPER limbs; lifting agg. (31)

extremities; PAIN; shoulders (559)

extremities; PAIN; shoulders; morning (65)

generalities; WEARINESS; morning; waking, on (67)

I decided to give him Sepia, given the mental state. He responded very well… nearly 80% better in a month! It was a learning experience for me, the SEPIA MALE and I thought I’d like to share it with you! An interesting perspective for homeopaths.

Sepia - Ink of the Cuttlefish

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