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Cervical Spondylitis Gets Weird!

OPD Case: Relief from strange  neurological symptoms due to cervical spondylitis.

Two weeks back a 69 year old lady, walked into a busy OPD with weird symptoms. She said, "I have this heavy feeling in my neck, with pain when I move my arms. I've been feeling very giddy also. Its been going on last 2 months. There is something biting my scalp, something is crawling on the top of my head. I feel something crawling under the skin of my arms and hands! Its driving me mad! I was given Vertin and Zoxan... no relief at all! Also I continuously feel like I need to clear my throat - anytime of the day, repeatedly. I feel like I'm going a little mad."

Her brother had died suddenly a few months ago, which she was still grieving from. It had been a terrible shock to her, as they were very close.  She felt very supported by him and missed his companionship. Now she was all alone. She would cry herself to sleep at night. From then, she had developed a nodding motion of her head - a sort of tremor.

A quick repertorization:

back; HEAVINESS, weight; cervical region (50) 
back; PAIN; dorsal region; motion; agg. (80) 
throat; HAWKING; constant (28) 
head; FORMICATION, crawling; vertex (24) 
vertigo; RISING; agg.; lying, from (135) 
perspiration; SCANTY (49) 
head; MOTIONS; of; nodding of (23) 
mind; SHOCK, ailments from (68) 

Agaricus was the obvious remedy for the weird sensations. Ignatia was the other obvious remedy choice to her mental state. She had immediate relief! Two weeks on these remedies, taken once a day each, she is almost normal and symptom free, except for some heaviness still persisting at the back of her neck. 

She was advised to continue medication till all residual symptoms were better. However a heaviness and pain on her shoulders when she went for her daily walks will still persisting. This may require further investigation for an underlying Cardiac problem. But as a precaution, I gave her Amyl Nitrosum 1m to take daily.

This is the magic of homeopathy, the effect of well chosen homeopathic remedies!

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