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We live in America. I had a very serious triple DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) in my leg a number of years ago when I was 39 years old. Doctor's told me that it was a life and death situation. My life was forever changed by this DVT particularly since it greatly limits what I can do given my heavy duty work in the Construction Business. Somewhere along that timeline I found out about Dr Leela. 

She has been regularly and reliably able to help me online, through many scary episodes relating to my leg and compromised circulation over the years. I have a very high level of respect for her wisdom, insight, cool headedness, patience and professionalism.  My wife and I have been relying on Dr Leela for many years for all the health needs of our family as we do not have a Dr in America at this time.  

If you are considering using her to help you, I say, go for it because she is highly competent. My life is in her hands in my opinion, particularly when I have a DVT related episode.  I have come to consider her my friend as well as my Dr.  I am sure that my health/life would look very different, in a negative way, were it not for the great benefit of having Dr Leela as my health advocate. I am now 61 years old!

 Joe Wey, Maryland, USA

I have been Dr Leela’s client for more than three years, during which time, I got acquainted with a way of homeopathic treatment that doesn’t look for quick fixes of chronic conditions, but rather look for long term treatment of the individual person, based on the changes that occur in their lives through taking the remedies. Dr Leela’s way of working with remedies is tactful, patient and direct, but still very compassionate, and the positive effects I experienced have encouraged me to continue to be her client on this journey.

Angel C., Macedonia

I have been an online patient of Dr Leela's for a number of years. At

the time I first consulted I was unable to find an experienced local Homeopath and Dr Leela came highly recommended. Over the years I have been helped enormously for both long term and acute health concerns and my level of health has very much improved. This was made possible only by online consultation as I have lived in two different continents! 

Dr Leela has always been very professional and responds very quickly to

messages. This together with her vast experience and homeopathic skills makes feel fortunate to be able to consult her.

Fiona V, United Kingdom

With handicaps like my phobia of no injections, no clinical tests, no scans, no surgery, no hospitals and several other "No", I have been on continuous homeopathic medication under Dr. Leela D'Souza Francisco for the last 4 years. with just a combination of teenie-weenie pleasant tasting pills which have kept me physically in shape and mentally alert and stable, in spite of nosebleeds, chikungunya, spondylosis, vertigo, coughs, colds, stomach upsets, fever, sleeplessness and breathlessness, aches & pains and mental trauma.

I am 95 years old.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai,  Bandra, 1st Oct 2018

I have been using homeopathy only for all my chronic and acute ailments for the past 11 years with Dr. Leela and have kept good health even at my 71 years of age. Often I manage on my own with the remedies she had prescribe for me, especially as I travel a lot and its difficult to keep in touch regularly.

I have full faith that homeopathy is safe, absolutely effective and a quick cure, unlike the myth that most people use to dismiss homeopathy for taking too long to be effective.

What is best about homeopathy is that it is cheap and accessible to even the poor in our country with no side effects too!

Virginia Saldanha, Santacruz, Mumbai

I have been online patient of Dr. Leela for more than a decade now. I have been taking homeopathy medicine since childhood and have also introduced my extended family members to homeopathy. Dr. Leela is our family physician. Due to classical homeopathy that she praises my immune system has become stronger  and I hardly fall ill anymore Most of my chronic complaints have subsided and I require medication rarely. This is the case with with the rest of my family as well. We keep very good health.

Nimmi Chandiramani, Lokhandwalla, Mumbai

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