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Homeopathic System of Medicine has a unique philosophy  of healing that has stood the test of of time and proved to be truly a Natural Law of Cure. The articles below  are serious homeopathic writings from a clinical perspective giving an in depth explanation for homeopathic healing on Philosophy, Therapeutics, Research Evidence and  Spirituality .  
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Principles of Homeopathic Practice

Solar System

Homeopathy and Christianity

Scientist on Computer
New Frontiers

Emergency Treatment in Homeopathy


Building up the Evidence

Dr. Leela's Articles: Homeopathic Philosophy

Hering's Law of Direction of Cure

Dr. Hering described his observations as a “law of order” (of symptom expression) in his Preface to the 1845 American edition of The Chronic Diseases by Samuel Hahnemann. Nearly a hundred years ago, master homeopaths: JT Kent, HC Allen, JH Allen, PC Muzumdar and others, understood the application of Hahnemann’s theory of miasms in clinical case management in addition to Hering’s Law of Direction of Cure. They regarded this law on par with the Law of Similars and were tremendously successful.Essential to observing and accurately applying the law is to first thoroughly understand the expression and progress of disease in an individual case. ....

Miasms in Case Management : Part I Hahneman's Miasms in Case Management
Hahnemann observed that many : Hahnemann's Miasms in diseases persisted in people all their life, because of what he termed a ‘fundamental cause’ or “chronic miasm”. This resulted in ”chronic diseases” caused by chronic miasmas, in contrast to “acute, self limiting diseases” caused by acute miasmas.Hahnemann described this in his book Chronic Diseases and also mentioned the concepts to a certain extent in the Organon of Medicine. This article gives a detailed clinical explanation of his concepts.

Miasms In Case Management: Part II Disease Evolution and its Miasmatic Evolution

The Disease state can be expressed in 3 phases: the pre-symptomatic phase –> prodrome phase –> nosological disease state. This movement continues along a particular course during an individual’s lifetime, with multi-miasmatic expression evolving, which ultimately ends in death. The disease state is inherent due to a fundamental miasm (Aphorism 5); agents/changes in the environment act only as a spark or trigger....

Miasms in Case Management: Part III Percieving Hahnemanns Miasms through Genetics and Embryology

The practice of Homeopathy as well as Modern Medicine was a family profession, which is largely responsible for Dr. Praful Vijaykar having great insights into perceiving the Development of Miasms from the Genetic perspective, and also explaining Hering’s Law of Cure with Developmental Embryology.

Miasms In Case Management : Part IV The Way Forward with the Theory of Miasms

Modern Medicine, through Medical textbooks, have taken pains to name various clinical conditions (syndromes) and infections in an attempt to create some order in the chaotic world of disease expression.

When diagnosis becomes the only basis for treatment (as in Modern Medicine), one is lulled into a false sense of complacency that after making a diagnosis, one has the answer to treating disease! 

Expecting complications in clinical situations or any disease diagnosis is dependent on the correct or incorrect remedy being prescribed and on the miasmatic background of the patient.


Homeopathy and Soul - I : In The Beginning

I begin a series of articles that seeks to explain Hahnemann’s ‘Theory of Miasms’ as well as the philosophy of Homeopathy as detailed in the ‘Organon of Medicine’ from a standpoint of Christian Philosophy.

I hope this will interest all homeopaths including the Christian/Catholic community of patients and homeopaths at large.

Homeopathy and Soul - II :  Christian Philosophy and the Homeopathic Process


In the words of David little:“Homeopathy is a healing science based on experimentation not a system that uses occult forces in any manner. Homoeopathy does not involve magic, spirits or conjuring of any type which is associated with the occult. If it did I would not use it either!


Homeopathy only uses the God given natural substances as found in nature and as an adjuvant homeopaths suggest right diet, exercise, temperance, morality and a healthy life style. I believe that Christians who question Homoeopathy as occult are missing the fact that God gave us natural foods and medicine in the Bible as part of His plan.”

Homeopathy and Soul - III A :  Cure of Disease in Homeopathy

Healing in homeopathy rests on the capacity of the homeopath to find the similimum remedy corresponding to a phase of disease requiring healing. This remedy that matches the picture of symptoms can be prescribed in various clinical situations; in acute diseases like fevers, infections; in emergency situations like strokes (CVA’s), heart attacks or accidents; as well as in chronic disease.


In acute or emergency situations, more than one remedy may be needed to complete a cure or relieve within a short period of time.

Homeopathy and Soul -  III B : Jesus, the Universal Spiritual Similimum


The greatest paradox about Christianity that most people cannot understand is why Jesus had to die that humiliating death on the Cross. For a Christian to have a problem with the Law of Similars is strange. Similarly those who accept the Law of Similars would understand very well the Similimum of the Cross.  Isaiah Chapter 53 is the prophesy of the promised messiah that Jesus fulfilled. Do read this beautiful chapter. It states,

 4Yet it was our infirmities that he bore, our sufferings that he endured, While we thought of him as stricken as one smitten by God and afflicted.

 5But he was pierced for our offenses, crushed for our sins, Upon him was the chastisement that makes us whole, by his stripes we were healed.

 6We had all gone astray like sheep, each following his own way; But the LORD laid upon him the guilt of us all.


​God intended that Jesus die on the Cross for ALL MANKIND. Jesus fulfilled this in obedience to God inspite of the incomparable pain he would have to suffer. He bore the pain that we may be redeemed of our offenses, sins, infirmities, sufferings. This was done 2000 years ago in one magnificent act of unconditional love, followed by His Resurrection, the embodiment of true hope.

Homeopathic Research Evidence for Treatment of ADHD


Positive Outcome Research Evidence in Homeopathy proves that Classical Homeopathy can effectively treat ADHD for the long term.


A critical examination of research evidence for treating Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD) in children using individualized (classical) homeopathy.

EMERGENCIES! : 1. Homeopathic Therapeutic Strategies


​This part of the discussion details the clinical perception of totality by various masters with subsequent plans of action. We examine the features of these totalities in terms of how they could be applied in emergencies.  The four perceptions discussed in detail are Boenninghausen’s totality and its application; Boger’s totality, its application and modern extensions; Clarke’s plan of action in The Prescriber; and Morgan’s Management of Diphtheria.

( Excerpt from MD Dissertation )

EMERGENCIES! : 2 Homeopathic Materia Medica



It is interesting to observe how master clinicians CM Boger, JH Clarke, JT Kent, DM Borland through various philosophical concepts, gave us guidelines on remedy choice and remedy response for homeopathic management of acute and emergency situations.


These include, an understanding of pathogenesis of remedies; correlating this with the pathological presentation of the case; differential diagnosis of remedies in the materia medica which is essential prior to making a prescription; understanding the characteristics available from pathological particulars; and the significance of laboratory investigations.

Boger (1915), Boenninghausen (1846), Clarke (1925) and Boericke (1927) also developed the Materia Medica of remedies to support an appropriate choice in such situations.



     PART    I:   Elementary Physics and the Property of Electromagnetism

  1. Natural Resonant Frequency.

  2. Electromagnetic Resonance at an Atomic Level

  3. Nuclear Magnetism     

    PART   II:   Application of the Electromagnetic Spectrum in Homoeopathy
    1. The preparation of Potency ( The Plussing Technique )
    2. The therapeutics of Potency ( Posology ) in a diseased individual
    3. The Process of Cure i.e. Patterns of Remedy Reactions

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