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Mission Statement: About Us

Our Mission

Dr. Leela D'Souza Francisco

MD (Hom), MSc (Hom), CIH Cardiology

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As far as I can remember I wanted to be a doctor, I don’t think there was any doubt about that.  It so happened that factors came together for me to study Homeopathy. I have often wondered how life would have been if I was a doctor of modern medicine instead!

Earlier I thought homeopathy was too slow and may not give quick results and improvement. But that perception changed once I began serious study of the medical system. Homeopathic curative response is instantaneous! After seeing some amazing cures by my homeopathic mentors and colleagues, I wanted to be able to do the same with homeopathic remedies while also establishing this as Evidence through clinical trials. This was my purpose  while studying for an MD degree with a dissertation on the use of Homeopathic Medicine in Emergency Medicine, followed by an MSc degree with a dissertation on Clinical Trials in Classical Homeopathy. These opened me to the world of homeopathic possibilities! 

Do you know? The human body has been blessed by God with an Immune system capable of healing itself in any disease condition given the appropriate stimulus when it gets out of balance or ‘sick’ - instantaneously.

It was in 2012 when I developed devastating early symptoms of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis} probably genetic, as my mother and a maternal aunt died from the same disease, that I realized the power of homeopathy.  Over the last 6 years with appropriate homeopathic treatment, I have improved 95%!

Another milestone was the specialization in Cardiology. I found more and more of my patients were on Cardiac medication, something I knew very little about. Suddenly I was coming across more cases of Viral Myocarditis leading to cardiomyopathy and cardiac failure in many young people between 20 and 40 years, having a very poor prognosis for the future. Some young boys died early deaths after prolonged cardiac failure, and a couple of them simply dropped dead.

The number of people  recovering from Myocardial Infarcts (heart attacks) with progressively deteriorating heart function. has increased drastically. Classical Homeopathy definitely has a lot to offer, bringing hope  of healing and a better quality of life for these people.

This gave me a deep motivation to study Homeopathic Cardiology and develop homeopathic answers and protocols for treating these people with or without allopathic medication alongside.  Sustained improvement was seen in an early set of cardiac patients on homeopathy.  Encouraged, I feel a sense of mission working in this direction. The honorary attachment to Holy Family Hospital with exposure to high quality cardiac work being done at the Heart Institute has fueled this passion even more!

Today, my sense of mission is more focused, more clear - to create a trust in Classical Homeopathic Treatment for Cardiac patients. This Quality of Life is offered with competent Homeopathic Care, either supportive to Modern Medicine protocols or separate from it, offers an Alternative Choice for patients.

Mission Statement: Welcome

Dr. Rachel Braganza

MD (Hom)

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I have always found it amazing, how little people know about homoeopathy inspite of how long it has existed and how prevalent it is.

Take my own case for instance - I grew up with my paternal grandmother being a staunch advocate of homoeopathy, even refusing treatment from doctors within the family and relying solely on this system for the needs of herself and my grandfather - both of whom maintained excellent health .. but I never tried very hard to find out more about this system of medicine as I couldn’t bring myself to take my grandmother's "sugar pills" seriously. This was because I had pilfered a few sugar pills from her medicine chest as a child and found no untoward effect! Did these really work?


Then the time came for me to choose a career for myself. I had set my heart on being a doctor. I could not help but feel there were too many in my family already! I was first given an introduction to homoeopathy by Dr. Leela, who seemed totally convinced of its beneficial effects. This sparked my interest.


I found out more about it in the first year of Homeopathic medical study (BHMS) which opened up for me a whole new world of ways a person could be healed and .. it’s perspective was so different! Homeopathy addressed such a vast range of symptoms and conditions while focusing  on a complete understanding of a person.  I found it fascinating that homeopathy addresses and heals unexplained symptoms and quirks that disturb a person along with their main disease symptoms, that modern medicine had no relief for ... and yet homoeopathy did this so beautifully! 


After living with excruciating dysmenorrhoea earlier on, which even caused me to stay home or pass out with the pain a couple of times, I had resorted to injectable analgesics as a routine for relief. But after consulting one of my homeopathic professors, I started on regular homoeopathic treatment and within 5 months could actually work on those days, managing solely on homoeopathy.


After 8 years of study I earned an MD degree in Homeopathic Medicine at the rural Homoeopathic Institute and Hospital of ML Dhawale. Here I learned more about the vast application of homoeopathy across all fields of medicine from dermatology and endocrinology to cardiology and respiratory medicine.


I took particular interest in its application in the psychodynamic aspect and treatment of people suffering from Bronchial Asthma for my dissertation. I was amazed at the positive effect of Homeopathy in Obstetrics and Surgery, preventing many a patient from going under the knife. It still continues to amaze me...


My sceptical Surgeon husband too is now coming around to the idea of trying homoeopathy first instead of simply popping a chemical pill. While he is my strongest critic, we both agree that it has worked beautifully in the treatment of our baby and the illnesses that children are wont to come down with.


Today I am happy to have homoeopathy as the popular option of treatment among my family members and their children, as well as with many of my friends and patients who have decided to try something new. They are as surprised to see it work so well, just as I was when I first tried it indeed the happiest application has been in the case of my own mother, herself an allopathic Family Physician. Homoeopathy helped her recover from a strange and unexplained elevation of liver enzymes under the guidance of Dr. Leela.


I am still learning about the scope and application of this system, but I know I will continue to be more and more enthralled by how much Homeopathic medicine can help a person truly heal from within.

Rachel can be contacted at:

Mission Statement: Welcome

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