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Level 1: Learn Basic Homeopathic Concepts

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Have you every wanted to understand how homeopathic remedies work? How does the principle of homeopathy bring about a cure? Have you every wondered how the correct homeopathic remedy is chosen based on seeming inconsequential symptoms? What exactly are homeopathic remedies? What is really disease, in homeopathy, and how does it compare with a disease diagnosis? Level one, gives you an insight to these basic concepts in homeopathy, through reading links, short video lectures, and small projects, so that you truly grasp homeopathic fundamentals. You would require to submit some work for evaluation, to check that you are on the right track. the purpose of all this is to help you master a simple technique of prescribing a First Aid remedy for yourself or family members (till I am available) by easily recognizing symptoms and understanding what to prescribe on - this will be taught through Levels 2 and 3.

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