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Grief from the Loss of a Loved One

A homeopathic remedy healed her from her grief after the loss of her mother

GRIEF following Loss of a Loved One

Excerpt from the history:(S is 14 years old. Her mother had just died of cancer after suffering a long time.) I was talking to her today and she mentioned that she was having a lot of anxiety with no obvious reason, had headaches off and on, wanted to cry but couldn't in front of anyone and a result of not crying her throat and eyes hurt. Basically a myriad of symptoms having no head or tail (at least to me). She felt jealousy from her younger brother (9 years) as he sometimes gets more attention than her.

She mentioned her headaches being continuous with no modalities. She was feeling lonely too.

 (I asked a few specific clarifying questions as this history was given by her uncle who obtained it on the phone, long distance.)

Chilly or hot......She feels hot most of the time and likes winter more comparatively.

Effects of heat and sun...Heat has no effect on any symptoms
Any drowsiness....No drowsiness at all at any time of the day
Thirst....I feel very thirsty and like moderately cold water, very cold water causes headache to me
What is the anxiety feeling she has... She says that "I feel as if everyone hates me and I feel something strange happening in my heart (as if sinking) which makes me think that "m being ignored."

What happens if she's alone or feels lonely...When I am alone I always think about how some people treat me
How is she with consolation...I don't like consolation
Where is the headache..the headache is mostly in my forehead, especially above my right eyebrow.

 Update after 2 days:

She took one dose of 30 two days ago and had quite an aggravation of all symptoms i.e. headache, anxiety, anger, jealousy. The aggravation has lasted approx. 2 days as of now.

Just talked to her and she told that headache aggravation is now reducing. Will talk to her in the evening to check the status of other symptoms and update you accordingly.

 Update after 1 month:

Update on S, she is absolutely fine and hasn't had any of the complaints for which she took Hyos 30c.


MIND; AILMENTS from; grief, sorrow, care (K51, SI-19, G40) (death)

Delusions deserted X with jealousy: bamb-a., bar-c., camph., chin., hyos., lach., lil-t., mag-c., ozone, plat., puls., sac-alb., stram.

HEAD PAIN; LOCALIZATION; Forehead; eyes; above; right (K159, G132)

MIND; GRIEF; jealousy, with

 Discussion: With grief following death of a close family member, the obvious remedies (Ignatia, Nat Mur and Gels) come to mind and were in the repertorization. Hence I asked questions to help rule out those remedies as well as to find correct details of some symptoms. The important part of this grieving was that she felt lonely and felt everyone hated her. The other characteristic was that she felt jealous of her brother and felt she was not getting any attention! As always, I like to have the chief complaint covered with the remedy. This type of headache as well as the mental state was covered by 3 remedies:  Lachesis, Hyoscyamus and Platina.

The last rubric: Grief with Jealousy – only one remedy was present – Hyoscyamus.
She received one dose of Hyos 30C.

Grief from Loss of a Loved One: Welcome
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