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Acute Complaints

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Homeopathy can ideally treat and cure all acute and emergency conditions!

The safety valve to this cure is that that patient is already on chronic homeopathic treatment with the same homeopath. This means that the homeopath is fully aware of the case and knows exactly what to do in the acute or emergency situation for the outcome to be successful.

Chronic constitutional homeopathic treatment boosts the immune system and quality of life of every individual, and can prevent recurrent acute complaints or disease from happening. But there are occasions when acute treatment is required, such as when there is an epidemic of a particular disease in the neighborhood.

In such instances, the new picture of symptoms indicates that a different remedy is required for cure at that point of time: for example Ars Alb or Belladonna for fever, or Bryonia or Pulsatilla for diarrhea or Hepar sulph or Silica for cellulitis, etc.

Other indications for acute prescriptions include acute pain from a chronic ailment like sciatica or cervical spondylosis or acidity or cardiac angina, etc. Please look out from blogs giving you an idea of how we have cured and relieved clients of acute conditions swiftly with only homeopathic treatment! A word of caution - do not try remedies mentioned without contacting us or your homeopath first. Unless symptoms match, the remedy will not work!

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