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Anxiety and Stress Buster

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Homeopathy could be probably be rated Number One for relieving anxiety and stress. The remedies work deeply and surely - not only to relieve symptoms quickly, but to cure the state completely within a certain time period!

Anxiety and Stress cause various psychosomatic symptoms, that could later on develop into actual disease conditions like hyperacidity, ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, PCOD, migraines, spondylitis, chronic backaches, panic attacks, sleeplessness, various allergies, etc. I have seen almost every patient of mine over the last 20 years, relieved of these symptoms when the right remedy is prescribed taking the stressed mental state in the background into account.

The path to cure during homeopathic treatment must include an overall sense of well being and an increased ability to handle stress. Anxiety levels drop while work output improves! This happens when one is on the RIGHT homeopathic remedy that works from deep within, often called the Constitutional Remedy. This sets the body functions back to a proper balance, supported by other remedies that may be required to help the process. This approach is called classical homeopathy. Some commonly used remedies depending on the source and response to anxiety include Phos, Gels, Arg Nit, Kali Phos, Pulsatilla, Ars Alb, Calc Carb, Calc Ars, Nux Vomica, Avena Sativa, etc...

Find your classical homeopath today! Take the first step towards well being.

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