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Breathless on Exertion

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Breathless on exertion is a common symptom many people experience around the age of 40 onwards. Reasons are varied, from simple Anemia, or Overweight, or Anxiety Attacks, to more serious early symptoms of Heart or Lung problems.

Homeopathic remedies can have a wonderful curative effect on early heart and lung conditions contributing to breathlessness on exertion.

They work by improving the oxygen exchange in airways of the lung by either reducing inflammation in the airways, or draining out excess fluid that accumulates, a condition known as pulmonary edema. My own mother lived her last days with lung failure comfortably at home with the help of a wonderful homeopathic remedy called Lauroceraceous - she required no allopathic medication!

In heart related breathlessness, homeopathic remedies remedies improve the circulation of the heart i.e. they help open up the "colaterals", the smaller blood vessels supplying the heart muscle. They also help dissolve early atheroslerotic blocks of blood vessels. Almost every patient of mine who has come for treatment of breathlessness on exertion related to an early cardiac problem have been completely relieved of their breathlessness! This suggests improved function of the heart!

Blood tests and investigations like Chest Xray, ECG, 2D-ECHO, or Stress Tests are important for diagnoses and should always be done.

Feel free to ask questions. Choose classical homeopathy today and avoid lifelong chemical drugs!

Breathless on Exertion

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