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Is a Chronic Lung Condition that is incurable due to structural changes that have already taken place in the lung.

Bronchiactesis is a diagnosis that spells recurrent fevers with cough and chest congestion that can disrupt a normal lifestyle of a person. These poor patients end up with repeated courses of antibiotics, bronchodilators, and other medication for relief, often on a monthly basis. Their condition can deteriorate after each bout of infection till they end up with severe lung disease requiring surgical intervention or with lung collapse!

Believe it or not, classical homeopathy offers great hope for these patients. Intercurrent infections can be easily controlled with appropriate remedies, without the need of antibiotics. The chronic constitutional treatment strengthens the lung function and prevents repeated infection. Treatment is often lifelong, but why not, when its simple sugar pills?

It is truly a joy to behold one's patient relieved and feeling more energetic, and living a near normal life! This has been my experience over the last 20 years.

I say near normal because, structural changes in the lung cannot be reversed, so the patient would need to take constant precautions to avoid infections. This includes avoiding predisposing factors like severe cold, windy weather, sudden changes of temperature, or being exposed to epidemic infections around. These are precautions anyone would take to avoid getting sick! But even more so for someone with bronchiactesis.

Have confidence in classical homeopathy today!

structural changes, multiple small cavities with air fluid levels

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