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Corona Treatment

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Start Early with HOMEOPATHY!

I had sent these two notes by email to you all.

Dear Friends and Clients,

1. AS PREVENTION you are advised to take ARSENIC ALBUM 1M, 3 pills once a day for the next 3 days if you feel chilly/cold.

If you feel Hot instead, you are advised to take SULPHUR IM, 3 pills once a day for the next 3 days.


2. Further to my last email - we enter TWO CRUCIAL WEEKS to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Here are three additional suggestions (besides Arsenic Alb 1M and Sulphur 1M as preventives).

1. Daily Doses of Vitamin C, 500mg or 1000mg.


2. IF you do catch a virus and develop a cold - STEAM INHALATIONS EVERY HALF AN HOUR - will simply kill the virus - whatever type, including COVID-19. Breathe deeply through your nose as well as mouth.One patient who had 103 deg fever, chills and respiratory symptoms for 3 days recovered within 5 hours! 

Edit: The healing response following frequent deep breathing steam inhalations has been confirmed from my patients in various countries - US, Canada, Europe, India.

Within a few hours the nasal discharge and throat irritation and even fever has stopped (along with the homeopathic remedy). Truly amazing!

3. You could stock up on Squilla Mar 1m, Drosera 1m, Camphora 1m, Eupatoreum Perfolatum 1m, Bryonia 1m, Carbo veg 1m pills, just in case anyone catches Covid-19 around you and develops fever and respiratory symptoms (Cough, pneumonia, breathlessness). 

STAY CALM! Homeopathy works!

Get back to me for further instructions.


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