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Updated: May 20, 2020

Today, marks a Milestone - Homeopathy2Health Forum has commenced! Below is the FIRST POST followed by INSTRUCTIONS to get onto the forum. Please register and log on, as your questions help everyone else. This is specially designed to reach my clients from Holy Family OPD, and St. Peter's Medical Clinic, who are not on my EMAIL list. They have been left high and dry!

Here is the Post: I thought its best we start a discussion on this active topic (CORONA) as there is a lot of confusion out there. I invite you to post your questions so that I can answer you. The latest is that: Ars Alb is a good remedy for prevention and early symptoms. If there are any upper respiratory symptoms like cold, sneezing, nasal discharge - start steam inhalations every 2 hours immediately. If symptoms persist or progress - another remedy may be required based on the the symptom picture. There are a lot of ifs and buts even on social distancing and what is ok and what is not - please ask so that we can move long this discussion. I thank each one of you who have already subscribed here and hope to get more warmed up to this method of receiving reliable information, rather than through watsapp or FB university😀.

INSTRUCTIONS: To Log on to the above post, here are the instructions: 1. Click on this link: 2. Become a Member of the Forum. Forum Membership Link for laptops : left top hand corner Forum Membership Link for Mobiles: top of the Menu list on the right hand side in RED. 3. Email or Message me for any problems.

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