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I Can't Stop Coughing! Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis

Mrs. M, 72 years, had been a patient of mine for some months now. Initially she had come with severe osteoarthritis and synovitis of the left knee. She was much better on the homeopathic treatment, but a subsequent trip to Europe with all the walking required, she aggravated the knee very badly.

She was compelled to see an Orthopaedic for 'quick relief'. Unfortunately, she began to develop sudden fever with chills after she started treatment and was being treated with antibiotics for an apparent urine infection over 3 weeks. But she kept deteriorating and feeling weak and sick,

She returned to homeopathy , and almost overnight began to feel very much better overall - no fever, and weakness much better.

Suddenly one day she called me - "I took one of the supplement tablets given by the Orthopedic [Univestin/Macugstin 500] - and I got this sudden high fever with chills last night and from this morning, I cant stop coughing.. (cough.. cough..) every time I say one word.. (cough.. cough..) or take a deep breath .. (cough, Cough..)". I gave her a remedy and asked her to come see me next day.

She was only slightly better, coughing and breathless. I examined her chest and it was full of crepts! Penumonia, I thought - hoping it wasn't worse - I sent her for a Chest Xray which confirmed the diagnosis. She began on an aggressive homeopathic protocol - Phosphorous 1m three times a day, with Lauroceraceous 200 every four hours with strict instructions to get back if she was not better. But she didn't call me, as she began to feel better almost immediately! NO fever, she could breathe better and the cough was less frequent after 24 hours. In a few days, her chest was much clearer on auscultation,. We then added her Constitutional remedy Mag Carb 1m to the prescription and she continued to recover completely over the next week!

Yes Homeopathy works for serious pathology and in emergencies!

In the case of this 72 year old lady, there was a progressive allergic response developing to Univestin 500 which resulted in an allergic pneumonia (Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis) in both lung bases!

The detailed case with investigations for homeopaths is written up in Cured Cases Page - Here :

"I can't stop coughing, Doctor"

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