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Random Scenarios for Covid19 Infected!

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

Dear Friends and Clients, As clinical observations and experiences are collated over the world, the way Covid 19 causes disease in different individuals, and their unpredictable response patterns, are

becoming obvious to scientific analysis. I would like to postulate that those of you who are on chronic homeopathic treatment i.e. constitutional treatment, have a well ordered immune response and so are well protected from adverse reactions to Covid. I have observed this in all my patients who have tested positive for Covid or have had Covid like fevers, some of them not falling sick in spite of co-morbidities and caring for other Covid positive persons at home. I had sent you once a link for a similar observational study, that many of you responded to on google forms. I will post the results of the study as soon as it is ready.

Our immune system, designed by God, is highly complex and the picture highlights a tiny part of this complexity, but below is an easy to understand version of people's VARIED immune responses to this virus. HERE IS A VERY GOOD SUMMARY of clinical patterns observed with some advice: *Understanding cytokine storm,* the head, eye and tail of it.....   *When virus enters the cell* (naso oropharyngeal), different scenarios can result. *One,* it is taken up and is killed by the macrophages. No antibodies are formed, the patient is asymptomatic. So this means, though you have the virus, you are not sick, your immune system is coping well at level one response. STEAM INHALATIONS ARE CURATIVE HERE! *Two,* In some persons, the virus enters the blood → dendritic cells in thymus →T cells and then to B cells and produces IgG and IgM. The patient is asymptomatic, but antibodies are formed. Here, The infection has moved forward beyond the first line of defence, and produced a lymphocytic response followed by B cell chronic antibody response. This too speaks of a good immune response. In viral illnesses like measles, this can mean permanent immunity. But unfortunately NOT so for Covid. *In a third scenario,* the cells produce IFN-1 (INTERFERON-1) on Day 1, which initiates neutrophils, NK cells (Natural Killer Cells) and monocytes. The NK cells and monocytes produce IFN-γ, which kills the virus as do the neutrophils. The patient remains asymptomatic because of adequate immunity.

Some individuals produce this reactions because of the way their immune system has been primed due to earlier infections and treatment. IFN (Interferon) can potentially stimulate inflammatory symptoms, but here, the symptoms are not clearly evident, though happening in the body. For example a feverishness feeling and mild sore throat/body, *Fourth scenario,* the IFN-γ will produce TNF-α (Tumour Necrosis Factor - alfa), which causes inflammation. The person will be symptomatic on Day 1 (fever, nasal discharge, mild cough, diarrhea, headache, rash, loss of smell/taste). This individual is a reactive type, and produces symptoms while killing the virus. Inflammation levels also depend on the viral load - ie the amount of virus the person is exposed to. If the immunity is inadequate, the virus is not killed. The cells do not form IFN-1 in such a situation, Alternate pathway opens up on Day 3. Macrophages produce NLRP3 inflammosome (NOD-like receptor family, pyrin domain containing 3 ) , which produces IL-1β and IL-18 (Inter Leukin 1 beta and 18) IL-1β increases ferritin levels, glucuronidase causing tissue damage. Cells through the cellular dendritic cells produce Th1 cells, which produce IL-6 (formed on Day 3), TNF-α and IL-8. IL-6 causes clot formation, TNF-α (formed on Day 1), IL-8 and IL-1β (formed on Day 3), cause inflammation moving towards lung fibrosis. This immune response is due to a compromised immune system - inadequate and beaten down by many previous infective episodes and suppressive drugs taken in the past. This is the most dangerous response, as often, the person does not respond to any treatment. Homeopathy is the ONLY system of medicine that can REVIVE an appropriate immune response and reverse destructive pathology if taken in time! *Clot formation* will be seen as *rising d-dimer* and *fibrinogen & inflammation* present as *high CRP,* *tissue damage* as *raised LDH and ESR.*

These responses are SPECIFIC to different individuals - each one has a different pattern of abnormal tests that predict possible complications. Hence there is a package of blood tests apart from the diagnostic CT Scan of the lungs, in an attempt to predict possible future complications and manage treatment. This is helpful in deciding homeopathic remedies as well in different stages of the disease. Transverse myelitis and Guillian Barre syndrome have also been reported with coronavirus. Transverse myelitis (one per million) and Guillian Barre syndrome are known complications of a vaccine. The post-vaccine transverse myelitis – can be due to the virus in the spinal cord or due to inflammatory reaction. We do not know. Or unrelated to the vaccine. *Drugs act at different levels :* *Mefenamic acid* (NLRP3, PLA2 and ILs) ; *Steroids* (PLA2), *tocilizumab* (IL-6), *Infliximab* (TNF-a), *Methylene blue* (bradykinin). Some Homeopathic Remedies for different stages: Upper Respiratory: Ars Alb, Bryonia, Nux Vomica, Gelsemium, Phosphorous Throat and Cough: Bryonia, Ars Alb, Hepar Sulph, Phosphorous, Lycopodium, Sulphur, Squilla Lung Involvement: Antim Tart, Bryonia, Antim Ars, Grindelia Breathlessness/ Pleural effusion, Pneumonia with low O2 levels: Antim tart, Bryonia, Phophorous, Carbo Veg

Lung Fibrosis : Antim tart, Abrotanum Vasculitis with blood clotting: Arnica, Crotallus Horr, Phosphorous, Lachesis.

Efforts are on to confirm these remedies with in-vitro studies on their impact on mediators of inflammation. Specific remedies for the individual are always an option to consider, hence daily or every other day vigilance is essential.

*The four vaccines (masking, physical distancing, hand hygiene and steam inhalations) are much more important than the fifth actual vaccine.* The vaccine may not protect from inflammation occurring anywhere in the body. *The virus does not kill the person directly ;* *it is the hyperinflammation* caused by the *cytokine storm* and the *immunity of the person reacting to the viral invasion* that kills the person or causes the morbidity. *Aerosol generating behaviors* are shouting, speaking loudly; *Aerosol generating sounds* are those where diaphragm movement is involved. *It is the fourth scenario that cause problems.* And who gets it, who doesn't is a lucky dip. *So...* *better avoid getting infected at first place.* *Wear mask* *Maintain social distancing* There is nothing wrong pausing life ...AVOID UNNECESSARY EXPOSURE IF EXPOSED, TAKE REST AND STEAM INHALATION - then check with me about medication. *And it is necessary also to reflect on one's attitude to life and plan how one wants to lead the rest of one's life.*

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