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Every community,
every neighbourhood, every life,
whole and healthy.

Homeopathic care designed around you and your life.
Who are we?

About us

Dr. Leela D'Souza

MD(Hom) MSc(Hom) CIH(Cardiology)

Dr. Rachel Braganza


  It was in 2001 that Homeopathy2Health came into existence as an online method of providing classical Homeopathic treatment that is curative to those who did not have access to a homeopath close to home. It was dedicated to furthering the frontiers of homeopathic treatment beyond the confines of national and international borders.

  Following the Covid Pandemic, assessing medical professionals online has become a new and acceptable mode of treatment and Homeopathy2Health is in the forefront of offering this service to those truly interested in homeopathic healing. Through advancing knowledge, intuition and expertise in the science and art of homeopathy, the website aims to help those who do not have access to local professional classical homeopathy.

  In the spirit of the founder Samuel Hahnemann, the Homeopathy2Health, Team

(Dr. Leela D'Souza Francisco and Dr. Rachel Braganza) has charted new territory in spreading the healing touch of homeopathy through the Internet. Time is conserved, by avoiding travel and sitting in long lines.

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Want to learn more about Homeopathy?

Dr Leela's online course will be coming soon


Is this for You?

What are the best call times?


Monday - Friday 11am to 6pm.

Are there different prices for international patients?


Yes, please contact Dr. Leela to choose the best suited pricing plan for you and your needs.

What are the one-time charger?


One-time charges for an acute case is Rs.1000/-.

Will Homeopathy work for me?


It depends on your condition as well as your history. Please contact Dr. Leela to find out if this could help you.

What our clients say about us


Anthony Henriques

"With a combination of teenie-weenie pleasant tasting pills which have kept me physically in shape"

With handicaps like my phobia of no injections, no clinical tests, no scans, no surgery, no hospitals and several other "No", I have been on continuous homeopathic medication under Dr. Leela D'Souza for the last 4 years. with just a combination of teenie-weenie pleasant tasting pills which have kept me physically in shape and mentally alert and stable, in spite of nosebleeds, chikungunya, spondylosis, vertigo, coughs, colds, stomach upsets, fever, sleeplessness and breathlessness, aches & pains and mental trauma. I am 95 years old.

Fiona V.
United Kingdom

"I have been helped enormously for both long term and acute health concerns and my level of health has very much improved"

I have been an online patient of Dr Leela's for a number of years. At the time I first consulted I was unable to find an experienced local Homeopath and Dr Leela came highly recommended. Over the years I have been helped enormously for both long term and acute health concerns and my level of health has very much improved. This was made possible only by online consultation as I have lived in two different continents! Dr Leela has always been very professional and responds very quickly to messages. This together with her vast experience and homeopathic skills makes feel fortunate to be able to consult her.

Angel C.

“Tactful, patient and direct, but still very compassionate”

I have been Dr Leela’s client for more than three years, during which time, I got acquainted with a way of homeopathic treatment that doesn’t look for quick fixes of chronic conditions, but rather look for long term treatment of the individual person, based on the changes that occur in their lives through taking the remedies. Dr Leela’s way of working with remedies is tactful, patient and direct, but still very compassionate, and the positive effects I experienced have encouraged me to continue to be her client on this journey.

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