Homeopathic Remedies



It was in 2001 that Homeopathy2Health came into existence as an online method of providing classical homeopathic treatment that is curative to those who did not have access to a homeopath close to home. It was dedicated to furthering the frontiers of homeopathic treatment beyond the confines of national and international borders.

Today, however, Given the Covid Pandemic, assessing medical professionals online has become a new and acceptable mode of treatment and Homeopathy2Health is in the forefront of offering this service to those truly interested in homeopathic healing. Through advancing knowledge, intuition and expertise in the science and art of homeopathy, the website aims to help those who do not have access to local professional classical homeopathy.



In the spirit of the founder Samuel Hahnemann, the Homeopathy2Health Team (Dr. Leela D'Souza Francisco and Dr. Rachel Braganza) has charted new territory in spreading the healing touch of homeopathy through the Internet. Time is conserved in this fast paced Covid scenario, by avoiding travel and sitting in long waiting room lines. If physical examination is needed, video calling and online video platforms offer an alternative, though other innovative methods are developing.
Dr. Leela D’Souza Francisco has further specialized in Cardiology Homeopathy, a new field of expertise in Homeopathic therapeutics, offering hope of clinical improvement to a growing number of Cardiac patients (already on cardiac medication), especially those who suffer from various stages of progressing Cardiac Failure.

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