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97 Today : Faithful and Patient

Updated: May 9, 2020

Anthony Hendriques is a patient any homeopath would be happy to treat.

He turned 97 today! April 30th 2020.

I thought this tribute was necessary, as I have yet to see a 97 year old so kind and committed, patient and concerned about others. He still wants to change light bulbs, tube lights, fix the broken chair, and try a spot of gardening. He was an artist and carving carpenter, almost anything he could do, and do it well!

Age unfortunately puts its own frustrating restrictions!

Anthony has every medical record of his well documented. Every symptom modified, every homeopathic remedy taken, time, date and response. Regularly followed up over the last 8 years. What more could a homeopath ask for?

Here is his testimony (on my testimony page):

With handicaps like my phobia of no injections, no clinical tests, no scans, no surgery, no hospitals and several other "No", I have been on continuous homeopathic medication under Dr. Leela D'Souza Francisco for the last 6 years. with just a combination of teenie-weenie pleasant tasting pills which have kept me physically in shape and mentally alert and stable, in spite of nosebleeds, chikungunya, spondylosis, vertigo, coughs, colds, stomach upsets, fever, sleeplessness and breathlessness, aches & pains and mental trauma.

I am 95 years old. Oct 2018

Life has dealt a few blows; his soul mate, his wife, passed on a few years back. Recently he lost a younger brother in the middle of the lockdown. His energy and activity levels have slowed down. But he is BLESSED to be cared for by his devoted daughter, Harlene, who understands him and supports him.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear Anthony Hendriques. Not many are made like you. It's a priviledge to be your homeopath!

I wish you continued stable health and blessings!

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Cheryl Hodges
Cheryl Hodges
Apr 30, 2020

A wonderful testimony! Uncle Anthony and Harlene are close family friends for about 45 years now. He is a wonderful person , very kind and caring. He is also lucky to have youLeela, a very knowledgeable and caring doctor.


That’s a great story Leela! He looks a lot younger than 97 for sure. He’s fortunate to have you working with him. Karen and I feel the same way. Glad to have you as a doc and a friend, albeit many miles. One day, I am sure that we will meet! Joe

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