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Children's Day Special

Homeopathy is for Children!

Homeopathy is one of the best medications for children - no bitter pills and syrups to swallow, no injections! Just sweet sugar pills! My own 3 children grew up on homeopathic pills, and hated to even swallow a crocin!

My son David, once came home from a school camp with high fever of 103 deg, severe body ache and headache. All he wanted to do was sleep... a few doses of Arnica 1m and he was as good as new the next morning. Every viral fever would respond in a few hours to the indicated homeopathic remedy. I feel so happy when he tells me he prefers to take homeopathy ONLY for all his problems!

My daughter Alysha would get severe headaches often - either from over-study or not eating meals on time, or from being in the sun or at the beginning of a cold. One dose of either Phosphorous, Belladonna, Nux Vomica or Sepia 1m ... and she is fit as a fiddle within half an hour.

My naughty Iittle Natasha - always loved the pills and especially when they were fresh and soaked in alcohol. One dose = 20 pills at least! Glandular sore throat and fever? No Problem - she knew her remedy - Merc IF IM ... 20 pills! And she was fine in a few hours.

Stories too numerous to tell about the wonders of homeopathic cure for my children! Remember to try Classical Homeopathy for your childfirst, before giving them chemicals and antibiotics!

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