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Classical Homeopathy and Modern Medicine

Updated: Sep 27, 2018

An impression existed for decades, that Homeopathy and Allopathy cannot be given together. Yes, this was the instruction given to people and homeopaths right from Hahnemann’s time. Dr. Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1755-1843) was the Founder-Discoverer of the Homeopathic System of Healing. He was a qualified MD himself [1], practicing the Old School of Medicine, in those days termed Allopathy, and he was completely disillusioned with it!

But.. today’s Modern Medicine is NOT really Allopathy, it is “symptomatic treatment” i.e. prescribing a drug based on a particular symptom and the symptom is immediately relieved. The patient can feel better quite soon if the prescription is accurate and the drug is stopped after a period of time. The downside is that prescribing for one symptom does not really take care of deep-seated and chronic diseases. One is only superficially relieved of discomfort, but the underlying disease process continues and progresses. But, given this background, Modern Medicine continues to be effective in the immediate acute condition.

Classical Homeopathy, in contrast, is concerned with the patient as a whole, seeking to remove the deep-seated cause of the superficial symptom, arresting the underlying chronic disease on firmly based principles and even reversing it according to a Natural Law of Cure – termed as Hering’s Law of Direction Cure [4], named after another MD physician of the 1800 who spelled it out clearly, “ The 5 directions of cure occur from above-downwards, from within-outwards, from center to periphery, from more important organs to less important organs, and in the chronologically reverse order of disease development.” This is one reason, why skin disease in a person will respond last to homeopathic treatment if it is older in origin, since disease occurring in other major organs of the body should be cured first.

With this understanding, we can see, there is hardly any conflict prescribing CLASSICAL Homeopathy with Modern Medicine, provided, the homeopathic practitioner is well versed with the pharmacological action of modern medicine drugs and their indications.

Classical homeopathy is curing the patient from within, stimulating the healing, immune system to get well on its own accord supported by homeopathic energy frequency (the indicated remedy) that is matched to the imbalanced energy frequency of the patient. This corrects the patients’ imbalance at a central level. In simple terms, the homeopathic remedy correctly matched, corrects an imbalance in the patient from within, which when healed, removes the symptoms expressed externally. Classical homeopathy pins its hope on the capacity of the individual’s God given immune and healing system in the body to function optimally and in a healthy manner, giving the individual a good quality of life and prolonged life as well!

Other methods of prescribing homeopathy exist and flourish because they are easier and less time consuming to practice. They are not classical methods, ie NOT based on Hahnemann’s Principles of Cure.

These include: - symptomatic homeopathy remedies based on presenting symptoms without taking the deeper disease into account; - or else prescribing on diagnosis by mixing up 3-4 remedies at one time, without proper indication for the individual person’s symptoms; - OTC readymade mixtures for specific conditions all these look for quick relief that may be at best temporary and short-lived. This is similar to what Modern Medicine can do – and Modern Medicine does it much better! And of course, there will be a clash here – both cannot work together!

In today’s disease scenario, where a good percentage of people are on some life dependent medication (for example cardiac medication) it is important to rethink how Classical Homeopathy and Modern Medicine can complement each other for the sake of the patients’ well being and long term health. When one system helps the patient symptomatically, while the other system strengthens, curing the patient from within, they are considered complementary.

YES, in such a scenario is possible – when like-minded consultants of Modern Medicine, and appropriately trained and knowledgeable homeopaths have an INTEGRATED approach based on patient’s CHOICE, it is the treatment of the future.

The new term coined for the medicine of the future is INTEGRATED MEDICINE

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