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Corona II - Do's and Don'ts!

PREVENTION OF SPREAD is the first step. Here are some suggestions from UNICEF. Read my previous blog for homeopathic treatment options.

Unicef says Corona virus is large in size where the cell diameter is 400-500 microns and for this reason *any mask prevents its entry* The virus does not settle in the air but is grounded, so it is *not transmitted by air*. Coronavirus when it falls on a metal surface, it will live 12 hours, so *washing hands with soap* and water well enough. Corona virus when it falls on the fabric remains 9 hours, so *washing clothes* or *being exposed to the sun for two hours* meets the purpose of killing it. The virus lives on the hands for 10 minutes, so putting an *alcohol sterilizer* in the pocket meets the purpose of prevention. İf the virus is exposed to a temperature of 26-27 ° C. it will be killed, as it does not live in hot regions. Also *drinking hot water and sun exposure* will do the trick And *stay away from ice cream and eating cold* is important. *Gargle with warm and salt water* kills the tonsils' germs and prevents them from leaking into the lungs. Adherence to these instructions fulfills the purpose of preventing viruses. --- UNICEF

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