COVID-like Fever Cured!

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Today, Covid19 paranoia and obsession is at its height!

With any fever or cold that we experience, our first thought is, "Do I have the Corona virus?!!" accompanied by fear and paranoia...

So I wrote a series of posts on fever cases on the forum, that I have treated and cured with homeopathy in the last 2 months. I will keep updating case stories as I remember them. Don't be surprised if a case sounds familiar to your own - no names mentioned however. Case 1: Mr. W, 69 years, with multiple co-morbidities who recovered with Ars Alb AND Camphor. On homeopathic treatment since 4 years. Case 2: Mrs M, 55 years who recovered with Bryonia. First time on homeopathy.

Case 3: Mr. D, 22 years responded immediately to Pulsatilla - previously on constitutional treatment. Case 4: Dr. M, 34 years, who responded to Ars Alb along with a few doses of Influenzium.

Case 5: Fr. G, 55 years, who required Squilla Mar, because Ars Alb had no effect. He was on chronic Homeopathic treatment.

Case 6: Mrs U, 55 years, whose symptoms required Eupatoerum Perfolatum after Bryonia did not help. She has been on chronic homeopathic treatment.

Case 7: Master J, 13 years, with a previous history of allergic bronchitis well controlled with homeopathy, needed Bryonia for the acute fever episode.

Case 8: Miss K, 4.5 years, history of recurrent urine infection and viral fevers. acute fever with dry cough and backache cured with Eupatoreum Perfolatum.

Case 9: Ms. A, 24 years, on treatment for allergic rhinitis, early asthmatic bronchitis and eczema, recent fever cured with Eupatoreum Perfolatum 1m. Read here: More cases will be added... ongoing..

I had sent subscribers to my site, a link to the WIX APP as well,. Many of my patients ever the last 20 years have shifted from Computer to Smart Phone! This app makes it easier to do 4 things o a smart phone:

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