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Low Platelets in Dengue or Malaria

Homeopathic remedies act instantaneously to rebound the FALLING levels of PLATELET COUNTS during dengue fever or malaria, no matter what other therapy or treatment is being given. My patients who have had platelets as low as 30,000 have bounced back with the right homeopathic remedy within 6-8 hours with platelet counts almost doubling during that time!

Three of the best indicated remedies (there could be others) are Phosphorous, Lachesis and Crotallus Horridus. The difference? It is in the individual expression of fever. Yes in homeopathy, each fever expresses with individuality to the patient.

Phosphorous: falling platelet count in a THIRSTY patient, who feels hot and may have a burning sensation during fever. Needs to have someone with him or her at all time, especially mom. Lachesis: Falling platelet count in a patient who feels very hot and irritable, finding fault and talking a lot! May want to remove covers or uncover the feet and feel suffocated with something around the neck. Crotallus Horridus: Falling platelet count in a patient who feels cold and wants to be covered. May feel suffocated with tight clothes but needs to cover. Fearful with a feeling of weakness.

Caution: Do not try remedies on your own. Consult your classical homeopath!

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