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Down's Syndrome Glows with Homeopathic Assistance!

Homeopathic treatment with a constitutional remedy, as it is termed, enhances the development and growth of a child. Down's Syndrome is no exception.

Down's Syndrome is one of the commonest birth anomalies, yet these children are some of the sweetest and kindest children to have at home! It can bring out the best in their siblings, who learn to care and love them from an early age. Downs Syndrome is a congenital disorder arising from a chromosome defect, causing intellectual impairment and physical abnormalities including short stature and a broad facial profile. It arises from a defect involving chromosome 21, usually an extra copy (trisomy-21).

Little M, 10 years, is from USA, a much loved sibling with 2 sisters, older and younger to him. His parents have left no stone un-turned to give him appropriate, good instruction with special education. M is a loving and affectionate child. He loves to play act, behave like a clown so as to make everyone laugh. He is very sensitive to criticism and weeps if he is scolded, but will immediately respond of he is consoled. His unique problems include recurrent colds and coughs, often with fever, and a tendency to pass stool involuntarily. He has development delays both physically and mentally - especially with regard to Language abilities. For some reason he has low confidence in communicating with others and is almost afraid to read and speak especially in school or with other classmates.

With this unique sent of symptoms Aloe was the constitutional remedy chosen, supported with Sulphur as an anti-miasmatic remedy. Both remedies are also complementary to each other, and are helping him improve his immunity to recurrent infections or allergy symptoms. His symptoms have reduced considerably. They are also helping him develop emotionally and intellectually to the best of his capacity.

His mom was delighted today to receive this note from his TEACHER:

" Good evening,

I just wanted to let you know M had an amazing day today!! He spoke several times, and read a whole book out loud! We are so proud of him for talking at school today, and are excited to keep it up!"

I suggest that : EVERY Down's Syndrome and differently-abled child should be on constitutional homeopathic treatment from infancy and through their entire life! The world is a better place with them around!

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