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New Research - 1. For Stroke Patients

Updated: Feb 9

Vagal Nerve Stimulation

Hope for better nerve recovery in paralysis following strokes. Physiotherapy could include the used of this vagal nerve stimulating device that improves outcomes and function of limbs affected by paralysis due to stroke. ... The technology consists of an electrode implanted in the neck and a pulse generator implanted in the chest wall. Kimberley said patients should be able to use the nerve stimulation treatment for the rest of their lives, but the battery may need to be changed after a few years.

The device used in this study, the Vivistim (MicroTransponder), was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for use in patients with stroke in 2021. It is so far the only vagal nerve stimulation device indicated for stroke, although there are similar devices used for the treatment of epilepsy and for depression.

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