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Healing Burns Painlessly!

Homeopathic remedies are amazing healers for Burns of any kind. Diwali celebrations result in an increasing the number Burns coming to the emergency room for burn management... but homeopathic first aid for burns is the MOST effective.

What to do? 1. The moment one get a burn, apply CALENDULA OINTMENT (usually available from SBL) on the burn generously - rub it in before the blister can come up. This can actually prevent the burn blister from developing. It protects against infection and prevents scar formation post burn with repeated application till completely healed!

2. For instant pain relief, and internal healing of deeper burns, in addition to local application of Calendula, another remedy CANTHARIS is required. This remedy should be taken in pills or l1quid doses, in the 200 potency, 2-3 times a day. For very severe burns, the dosage can be taken in water more frequently, under the direction of a homeopath.

Cantharis Mother Tincture may also be applied along with the Calendula ointment on the burns locally. Other supportive remedies may be needed for complete healing in some cases, depending on the type of burn and healing capacity, individual to each patient.

Take advise from a good Classical Homeopath today!

Burn on forearm with a Blister

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