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Healing from Within

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

The Homeopathic System of Medicine is an alternative healing support for major illnesses like Heart Diseases and Cancer. It is cheaper, dependable and improves quality of life because it stimulates the GOD GIVEN capacity of the body to heal itself.

The homeopathic treatment can be given alongside modern medicine drugs, contrary to earlier perception, as has been my experience with even serious heart and cancer patients at Holy Family Hospital. Lifestyle changes such as appropriate diet and exercise help the process of cure by prevention.

Some situations where homeopathy works wonders, but is lesser known for its effect are:

1. PAIN RELIEF – after falls, injuries, fractures, post-surgery for wound healing, or bone healing. In head injuries, homeopathic remedies absorb blood clots. Remedies can heal bones, nerves, muscles and tendons and reduce inflammation FASTER by STIMULATING the HEALING MECHANISMS of the IMMUNE SYSTEM.

2. HEART DISEASES – Homeopathic remedies improve cardiac pumping function, improve cardiac blood supply, dissolve clots, dissolve atherosclerosis in arteries, bring irregular heart rates to normal, and can be given for angina. The remedies need to be ACCURATELY prescribed for the individual patient, specific to his or her expression of symptoms. Patients remain stable with fewer or no hospital admissions required, thus a better quality of life.

3. CANCER TREATMENT – Homeopathic remedies offer wonderful palliation and relief from symptoms in advanced cancer conditions. In early cancer detection, homeopathic protocols can offer complete cure and better quality of life as compared to chemotherapy.

Willingness for homeopathic treatment is the first step towards homeopathic cure. If a person is not mentally prepared or does not have faith and understanding in the principles of homeopathic treatment, it is best to avoid “trying”. It’s a waste of time for the homeopath too!

Homeopathic treatment stimulates healing from within. Side effects are rare, but some amount of patience is needed to observe a positive response to medication. Appropriate remedies are chosen based on a detailed history of complaints. If the remedies are correct, one can definitely feel a sense of getting better within 2 weeks of starting on medication for chronic symptoms – and within even FIVE MINUTES of starting acute medication. Symptom relief is followed by sustained improvement towards CURE!

This Christmas we seek inner peace and joy. As we get ready for the New Year - we could make healing resolutions. Here is one idea for a transformation in health!

Choose HOMEOPATHY today.

I wish each of you dear friends and clients, a Merry Christmas and


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Beautiful message Dr Leela.

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