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Homeopathy vs alternative medicine: understanding the difference

Homeopathy is a form of alternative medicine that treats the patient as a whole. Homeopathic remedies that are potentized (a process to release healing potential energy within the natural remedy) work like energy medicine - Bach Flower Remedies is another example of energy medicine. Some remedies are used as "Mother Tinctures" which are essentially plant extracts prepared in a specific manner. These are prescribed in a manner similar to Herbal Remedies.

As Energy Medicine, a remedy is prescribed on the basis of Like cures Like or "Similia Similibus Curenter", which means that a remedy that produces the same symptoms in a healthy human being during "proving" of the medicine, can cure the same group of symptoms in a sick person.

The remedies may be taken in water, alcohol or sugar pills which are vehicles for carrying the healing energy and transmitted to the body through the nerve endings present in the mucous membranes and skin.

Homeopathy seeks to cure permanently (and not suppress or palliate symptoms) when applied according to proper principles and philosophy laid down by its founder Dr. Samuel Hahnemann. This is termed Classical Homeopathy and is the methodology followed by the homeopaths on Homeopathy2Health.

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