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Managing Anxiety After Covid19 Quarantine

This morning, an interesting article on addressed a very relevant issue of post lockdown anxiety for most people.

Here is a gist, but one can read the detailed article in my forum here: Moving out After lockdown and quarantine can be overwhelming, especially for those who have not ventured out for the last 3 months. People who need to travel to work, can to do so with adequate caution. We have a received a lot of conflicting information, about do's and dont's, what is and isn't true in the present covid scenario, but three things will remain a CONSTANT in our lives ahead: 1. Wash you hands regularly. 2. Wear a mask in public areas, thick cotton one preferably, washed frequently, ironed for immediate sterilization. Do not share masks with other members of the family. 3. Keep a physical distance from others and unknown people.

While this may be simple for most people, those with OCD's and Anxiety disorders, have a difficulty engaging and moving out of the status quo. Here are some simple steps to take, to give yourself a life in this scenario.

  1. (Re)establish structure. Push yourself to stay active, whether that means getting exercise, meeting with friends (virtually or in-person), or working. Plan a routine for yourself and your day.

  2. Establish a game plan. First, make a list of the kinds of situations that you’ve been avoiding—like going to a coffee shop or store—and rank how anxious each one makes you on a scale of 1-100. “We want people to start with something that’s around 30-50,” says Brown. “It shouldn’t be so easy that you don’t get any mastery or movement out of the practice, but we don’t want it to be overwhelming. It’s all about finding that sweet spot.” As you complete each activity, work your way up the list to ones that make you nervous.

  3. Seek help. Talk to me as your homeopath or a good, trustworthy friend or counselor.

  4. Stay positive. Recall all the good things that happened and thank God for them, stay with those thoughts. Be thankful then for the not-so-good things too.

  5. Embrace telehealth. It’s not always possible to meet with a therapist right now, but telehealth (online or on the phone with your doctor or therapist) is more readily available than it ever has been, thanks to relaxed payment policies as a result of COVID-19.

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