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New LOGO, Forum to break Lock Down Limits!

Updated: May 25, 2020

Homeopathy2Health has a new Logo! My son, David Francisco, is a budding Design student - and definitely speeding towards design excellence! He created a NEW Logo for me and also made various adjustments to my Site that I'm really happy about. If you are keen to have your own Website, David will create your Logo and write content too. Contact him@ or else, just let me know. His personal ART website is almost done.. heck it lut here:

The other Lock down change is that I have added a FORUM Page to the Site, and will have it up and running soon. It would require you to sign into Forum Log In - the button is on the TOP LEFT hand side of the website page on the laptop (At the top of the menu list for mobiles). You could also Log in from the Blog Page and reply to blog posts when you do this. A few of you already have.


The purpose is to allow interactive discussion which helps new people to get information. Not only related to Homeopathy, but this whole Post Covid scenario. I will be available to answer queries, and I invite you to reply to their queries too.

As soon as it becomes functional, I will send you an intimation.

My plan is to invite all patients, who are on Watsapp or local OPD patients, to access the forum to ask questions, gain information. This is a chance to keep in touch with me and/or join the Online Consultation Client Group.

Covid19 Lock down has forced us all online, the only way to truly meet and communicate.

Looking forward to seeing you all on the Forum! Please invite your friends and family to Join the Forum too.

Thank you all!

Homeopathy2Health Online Consultation

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