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Lockdown Relaxed! What do I do?

Another repeated query from my clients over the weekend, I thought I would give them an answer here.

Over the world, each country is in a different phase of infection. What started in Wuhan and then South Korea in December 2019, continued in Italy and then Spain and US in Feb/March 2020. These were the early birds... where infection started spreading two months before the peak death rates.

The rest of the countries, Including India, are about 2 months behind.. and our infection rate has to still peak. What we have seen in INDIA specifically is that the death rate is much lower compared to other countries. The reason is simple, we have a younger population with a stronger immunity. The death rate among senior citizens and those with co - morbidities continues to be high as the rest of the world.

Read this and more details and related articles here:

My Analysis given this scenario - What is the practical implication for everybody? What do we do?

1. Social Distancing continues to be necessary in crowded cities, especially Mumbai, Delhi, New York, etc.

In Rural Areas however, where there is not much crowd, more open spaces, people living far apart - social distancing occurs by default! People would still need to be careful in crowded market places.

2. Wear your mask around crowds, wash you hands frequently, and change your clothes if you have been out to a crowded place for a long period of time.

3. Take trips out only for essentials and necessary activity like repairing electronic items, etc. Try buying other goods online, its more reliable than it was earlier, easier to use with new apps, and you can get almost anything online.

4. Those who HAVE to travel to work for essential services, especially health care workers, doctors, vendors, bankers, delivery personnel, etc - take all precautions during travelling and wash your hands frequently. Maintain careful isolation in your homes, especially if you have elderly at home and those with co-morbidities. Our precaution is for OTHERS not only for ourselves.

5. AVOID going to your office if you can work from home - definitely choose the latter option as much as possible.

6. If there are positive cases around you, in your building or neighborhood, please repeat the Ars Alb 30 or 1M (Or Sulphur) as you have taken earlier. The other followup remedy that has been frequently indicated is Bryonia.

7. Keep a well planned schedule while at home: Fixed work time, enough PRAYER time, enough time for your family. Keep in touch with friends and neighbours on the phone or social media. Look our for people who need help around you, especially the elderly, and those who are alone. Reach out in the best way you can.

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